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 -> **LIMITED** ASICMiner Block Erupter Blade


*Note*- These units do not hold a warranty -*Note*

This is a very special item: a BitFountain Block Eruptor Blade. These are Bitcoin mining ASICs rated for 10 GH/s or up to 13 GH/s with overclocking and proper cooling.

  • The Block Erupter plugs straight into the internet and mine without needing a computer to run them. The unit is made up of three modules:
    • ASIC board
    • Power board
    • System board
  • Also included:
    • Spare fuse
    • Screw down power terminal
    • Original box
  • Very easy to configure. Does not require a computer to run, it plugs directly to the network, but needs to be set up first beforehand which could take between 5 and 20 minutes.
  • 6 month warranty direct from BitFountain
  • To operate a Block Erupter, you require:
    • 12v Power Supply (10 amp)
    • Adequate cooling fans

Information from BitFountain

  • The Blades
    Each of them outputs at least 10G hashes per second. They work well separately, yet are extensible to larger scale. Our entire farm is built up from them. The blades in our mining farm have been running during the last two months. From our experience, they are stable and robust. We list the key features of this product here:
  • ASIC-Powered Efficiency
    Each blade consists of 32 hashing chips. It has the baseline speed of 10GHash/s, the rated speed of 10.752GHash/s, and the maximum speed of 12.829GHash/s with overclocking and proper cooling. The power consumption is 83Watts per blade in room temperature on rated clock and voltage.
  • Modularity
    Each blades consists of a hasher, a power module, and an Ethernet controller. Each of them is easily replaceable.
  • Independence
    The blades can be directly plugged to the internet and mine after configuration, with no host PCs needed.
  • Quick Installation
    The setup is almost self-explained. After assembly and powering up, access from your PC for configuration.
  • Compactness
    Hasher size: 233mm x 116mm with a 227mm x 100mm x 19mm heat sink attached to its back
    Power module size: 192mm x 89mm
    Ethernet controller size: 86mm x 40mm
  • Safety
    Fusing and polarity protection are built in the power module.
  • Notes
    Heat Dissipation: Our blades work well un-crowded without fans on room temperature, but it is recommended to supply some airflow to the heatsink.

    Over-Voltage: For overclocking, you will need to adjust the trimmers on the power module to increase the voltage output.

    Power Supply: Please make sure you have an external source of 12V DC voltage output and at least 10A current output to power up one blade.

    Internet: You need the internet access via network cables if you want to plug the blades directly to the internet.

ASICMINER hardware is also available for purchase with Bank Wire, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX.

Anti-fraud paperwork is required for these methods, please see our Credit Card Authorization or Wire Transfer Form and contact sales to place your order.


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